Mouth Guards (UnderArmour)

As the only practice in the North Haven area to offer Under Armour mouth guards, we are pleased to offer you the superior, high-tech protection you need during your athletic activities and sports.

What is a mouth guard?

A mouth guard, or sports guard, is a device worn over the teeth which allows protection to athletes and reduces the risk of damage from blows to the jaw or mouth. With this added security, athletes in any sport can perform at their maximum potential.

Why should I wear a mouth guard?

Mouth guards help athletes avoid the negative effects of teeth clenching. These effects inhibit the body’s full performance ability, and include undue pressure on the jaw and its joints, and the production of stress hormones. Under Armour mouth guards are designed to support the performance of athletes of all levels in any sport.

What does the fitting process involve?

At our office, we will customize each mouth guard to fit the dimensions of your individual teeth. After we take an impression of your mouth and bite, we can begin creating your mouth guard so it fits your teeth precisely, allowing for exceptional protection when you’re in the game. If you have any questions about receiving a mouth guard, please give us a call.